Carbon for Rust

Learn how to use Carbon in your day-to-day Rust server hosting.

Carbon is a modding framework that is dedicated to take care of all background processing and execution of customized plugins and extensions in the most optimal way possible.

This project is designed to work as close as the way Oxide does, with slight interface adjustments but with the sole purpose of allowing most Oxide-dedicated plugins, work in Carbon's environment.

An anticipated system designed to execute existent Oxide plugins, all within Harmony without any patches, for optimised performance purposes.


To follow up with the development of Carbon, keep up with our repositories here.


This is the download list for all official files redistributed with Carbon:

This is a build of Carbon based on the production branch.

This build is targeted at the general public.

How to install

  1. Download the archive from the attachments below.

  2. Unzip the archive to the root of your Rust Dedicated Server.

  3. Restart the server and enjoy.


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