Admin Module

The full documentation of the 'Admin' module.

The Admin module introduces a new and intuitive way of managing your server in pretty much any way that you'd need. It's a modular system that comes with built in tabs helpful to see server statistics (such as dynamic hook use count), edit, teleport or manage entities using the dedicated inspector.

Carbon Tab

Comes with a variety of options and information about the live running server, as well as Carbon configurations that can be modified on the fly.

To open and access the Admin panel (with default settings):

  1. Grant yourself ownerid <steamid> if you haven't yet;

  2. Go in-game and execute /cpanel to open up a panel that will be looking like this:

Players Tab

It's a simplified and straight-forward tab that displays all active and inactive players from the server. You may also search them using the search bar.

Entities Tab

Comes with a lot of filtering and searching options for specific entity type or names in the world. Inspecting entities will allow you to teleport to their positions, or you teleporting them to yours, spectating or changing flags (doors open/close), access and loot any container on the map, modify the health of entities on the fly, and metabolism options of players.

Permissions Tab

It's a very straight-forward and similar implementation to Permissions Manager from Codefling. It allows you to grant or revoke permissions and group from players. As well as the ability to edit or add new groups or parent groups for inherited permissions.

Modules Tab

A generic and global place where you can modify module configs, save or load, or enable and disable modules on the fly.

Plugins Tab

This tab is disabled by default, but it's a tab that allows you to browse, download and edit configs straight into the UI of any free plugin or plugin that you own from Codefling and uMod. It comes with rich filtering features, very fast and intuitive searching and tag-based filters. To enable it, please do the following: Modules -> Admin -> Edit Config -> untick 'DisablePluginsTab' -> Save

To get started with logging into your Codefling account, follow these instructions!


The Admin module allows developers to create custom tabs straight in your plugin. The following are general instructions how you can get started up to creating your own tabs.


To reference the module in your project, you may do the following in your class' constructor:

It can ideally be defined as a field/property initializer or setting the module singleton instance in one of the Init() or OnServerInitialized() hooks.
using Carbon.Modules;
using Carbon.Base;
public AdminModule Admin = BaseModule.GetModule<AdminModule>();

Player Session

A very handy tool that allows you to store dynamically assigned content mapped to players that are interacting with the panel.

The `tab` and `@default` value is optional, you may globally store dynamically assigned content mapped to player sessions by setting the `tab` to null.
var session = Admin.GetPlayerSession(player);
var myValue = session.GetStorage<int>(tab, "my_key", @default: defaultValue);


The Admin module is enabled by default and will not enforce the server to be in the modded tab when enabled.

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