🥳Oxide Porting

An in-depth understanding of the necessary changes that are done when you're willing to transfer your Oxide server to Carbon.

Config Folder

The <root>/oxide/config folder becomes <root>/carbon/configs. This is because early in the development of Carbon, we've named it that way since it makes more sense.



Briefly, these extensions are oftentimes used by other plugins, and generally are used as a central place of code that one or multiple plugins may use code from.

The Oxide extensions, which in Oxide (for some reason) you place then in the brain folder of your Rust server, aka RustDedicated_Data/Managed, in Carbon it goes in its own dedicated directory, namely <root>/carbon/extensions.

If you need help to identify what an Oxide extension looks like in your files, any file with Oxide.Ext.*.dll format would be found in the Managed folder of an Oxide server.

HarmonyMod Folder

This is not necessarily having anything to do with Oxide, but Rust has its own dedicated folder for Harmony plugins, namely <root>/HarmonyMods which turns into <root>/carbon/harmony as we're managing the loading of these plugins within Carbon.

If you want to read more about why we're doing this, read here.

Oxide (o.*) Commands

They don't work, this is Carbon. It might be difficult to get used to it, but all our commands are prefixed with c.*. Read more here.

Full Successful Transfer

There's a requirement where you must delete all Oxide.*.dll from your <root>/RustDedicated_Data/Managed folder, as well as verifying and re-updating your Rust server so files like Assembly-CSharp.dll get redownloaded, since Oxide processes them.

Take all extensions out of your <root>/RustDedicated_Data/Managed directory, and putting them in the respective Carbon extensions folder, removing Managed folder altogether, then performing an update & validation with steamcmd. This ensures that your server is cleansed and vanilla.

You may keep the oxide directory or just rename it to carbon, then rename the config folder to configs, and you're good to launch, after patching your server with Carbon, of course - extracting our zip file in the root of your server.

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