Codefling Auth

Login and securely authenticate into your Codefling account

To log into Codefling to access and download or update any of your purchased files, follow the steps.

Login Window

If you've just started using the Plugins which can be found in the Admin Module, click on the Login button to be presented with the one-time authorization code & QR-code you can scan to get started.

Or go to the link directly:

Scan & Approve

Once logged-in successfully, the server will automatically detect and confirm the authorization.

Debian Linux Issues

If you're encountering the issue that the QR-code does not render, here's why that happens and how to fix it.


To get it fixed, shut down the Rust server and execute the apt-get install libgdiplus command to install the missing packages that are related to graphical processing and GDI+ rendering.

After this whole process is done, you must reboot the server (root or virtual) for changes to take effect. Booting back up will deliver the expected fix.

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