An in-depth rundown of the warnings you might see when loading certain plugins into the server that might affect performance and overall stability of your server.


Warning! 'Plugin' uses Harmony. That may cause instability, use at your own discretion!

Carbon heavily relies on the use of Harmony. We're patching up to 700+ hooks, average being about 250-300 loaded, where when plugins that were written for vanilla or Oxide environments, might patch methods that directly affects the stability of a server by overriding Carbon logic.

Most of the time this is not a problem, if developers test the plugins in Carbon environments, and oftentimes they ensure that things do not break apart.


Warning! 'Plugin' uses UnityEngine.GameObject.FindObjectsOfType. That may cause significant performance drops, and/or server stalls. Report to the developer or use at your own discretion!

This specific warning lets you know that it's a very performance intensive and expensive method to execute, regardless if it's when the plugin loaded, on command or when unloaded.

There's no exception to this method to cause major lag spikes (some familiar statistics, servers with 500K entities might suffer up to 15-20 second stalls).

Developers can and should optimize their code when using this for custom MonoBehaviors in their code, by caching anything they create and assign the custom components on in lists or mapped in dictionaries.

Checksum Validations

Checksum validation failed for '<type>.<method>' [<hook name>]

Checksum validation failed for '<type>.<method>' [<hook name>]

Checksum validation failed for '<type>.<method>' [<hook name>]

If you ever encounter this warning, it's important to note that it's completely inoffsensive and all the hooks that show up, actually work - unless you see patching errors, which are rare & mean that your Rust version is different than the Carbon version and our hooks.

If you ever see these warnings, all you need to do is to make sure your Rust server and Carbon version is up to date.

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