🖥️Local Server Hosting

This is a guide on how to get started with the Carbon.QuickStart repository on running a local server (for development purposes).


Go to the Carbon.QuickStart repository, and download the Windows (win) files and place them in a brand new folder in your computer.


Run any of the update_*.bat files representing different Rust &/or Carbon branches, which will start doing the following:

  1. Downloads & updates steamcmd (under the <root>/steam folder).

  2. Downloads the select Carbon branch build (under the <root>/server/carbon folder).

  3. Downloads the Rust dedicated server (under the <root>/server folder).


It's all handled by the batch file and no additional work is required!

🎯 Debugger (Optional)

To enable the debugger, which is explained in the Debugging Plugins section, open the <root>/doorstop_config.ini and change the following values:



Whenever you run the update_*.bat file, it's going to override the <root>/doorstop_config.ini due to the default settings, so keep in mind.


Open it up in a text editor to read up or modify the default values (such as ports, folders, settings, etc.) on your liking. To start up your server, all you need to do is to run the run.bat file.

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