🔧Async Shutdown

Grants the ability for plugins to let the server know that it should wait for a bit for the plugin to properly shut down after a while.

This is a CarbonPlugin specific feature, which allows developers to halt (in a non-laggy way) the server shutdown to complete processes that require more than one frame to complete.

How It Works

This is the following source code, a virtual method that can be overridden in your plugin.

public virtual async ValueTask OnAsyncServerShutdown()
    await Task.CompletedTask;

And this is an use example of how you can override and make the shutdown process wait until completion:

public override async ValueTask OnAsyncServerShutdown()
	// Do stuff after 3 seconds.
	await AsyncEx.WaitForSeconds(3f);
	// Wait for a full web request call
	await webrequest.EnqueueAsync("https://google.com", null, (code, data) =>
		if(code != 400)
		// Handle `data`
	}, this);


This affects the process of the direct shutdown or queued restart of the server.

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