Custom Prefabs

Entirely custom content, from models, to sounds, to UI, to shaders & textures, and more.

Here's a full list of what you can include in your Addon Assets (AssetBundles):

  • 3D models (FBX, OBJ)

  • Textures

  • Materials

  • Shaders

  • Sounds (with support for Rust mixers, with respect to the Rust sound system)

  • Animations

  • Video (using Unity's VideoPlayer component and rendering it with a material or on UI)

The following is content that at least in some way interacts with Rust's environment:

  • Rust prefabs

  • Rust entities

  • Rust components

    • You can attach any Rust MonoBehavior components using the Editor component RustComponent, where you can set the type and member values.

  • Custom prefabs

    • Use Rust layers to indicate if surfaces of your custom content are buildable, etc.

    • Use physic materials for colliders on your custom content to indicate what sound effect and visual should play when you shoot at it, hit it or walk on it (grass, flesh, cloth, metal, etc.)

  • Custom triggers

    • They're basically just prefabs with a trigger collider and the Trigger Rust layer, with a RustComponent component attached, with the type TriggerBase. Example here.

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